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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Alex vs Leona

Alex to win X-Factor, she is definitely a star. The only time I voted in all the history of X-Factor/Pop Stars/Pop Idol/Strictly shows was the Leona vs Ray Quinn final. This time around, T-mobile will be happy that I'm gonna be spending money outside of my free allowances, as I am committed to contributing to Alex's success on finale night.
However, when Alexandra wins, (yes "when"), and is under Simon's management, how is he going to successfully maintain Leona rise to superstardom and simulataneously launch the career of Alex's, without compromising either?

It's all about positioning. (Eve, my old lecturer will be soooo pleased that Im putting my marketing degree to good use here!) While both are great ballad singers, I think Leona's weakness may lie with the more up tempo, edgier records, for instance her single 'Forgive Me'...sorry but I can't. That was like 1991 Mariah BBE (before breakdown and Emancipation).

I think that Alex should be marketed more down the Beyonce avenue - not exactly like the diva herself but more the dancing, performance route and not the 'make love to your microphone stand' one. Should be interesting to see how Simon handles it. What are your thoughts and make sure you vote people!

"I'm sorry but that wasn't good.....that was fantastic". One of SyCo's many quotes.



  1. You would think Alex winning X Factor would be inevitable but I have a strong feeling it wont happen. Not because she doesnt deserve to win or people wont vote for her but because it will be fixed for someone like Eoghan (I think thats how you spell it) to win.

    Even though I believe the marketing strategy you presented will work (more up tempo Beyonce style) I think Simon and his team would be thinking about whether people would try and compare Alex with Leona. Unfortunately for Alex, Leona has gone beyond what was expected of her in her first year and I'm sure Simon wouldnt want a similar product who wont be able to repeat that feat. So I think they may fix it for Eoghan to win so they can take a different avenue. In the end that may work out better for Alex because she may join a label that provides her with better music to work with.

    I hope I'm wrong and Alex does win because she's better than the rest by far but I'm ready for the conspiracy theory to rare it's ugly head lol.

  2. Truth be told i have not watched the show much, so can't really say who should win. I just know that you can't rule out any one. I think in the final you get people who have never voted before ring and text in, thats why there is sometimes a shock.

    I think Alexandra can be marketed in a number of different ways. She has the personality that will sit well with a younger market and a strong enough voice to perform most songs well.

    I'm sure in this obligatory year of hibernation for the winner they will come up with something - but I for one won't care as long as the music is good.

    I think the Leona and Alex (Alex or Alexandra??? another dilema) comparisons are inevitable and the newspapers and gossip mags are going to be analysing comments by each of them. But they both seem like nice girls that don't get caught up in that sort of thing, so hopefully that won't be a problem. I think it would be wise for them to get in the studio together and make some music, the market is good for young female singers at the moment and a collaboration could be really interesting.

    Broadband was talking about what would Simon like, i'm thinking more along the lines of JLS - X Factor has never had a group winner and might be interesting. Saw the Lite today and they've got that Take That stampede thing going on.

    What are you guys thoughts on JLS - good or bad?

  3. Alex won!! Justice!

    Oh yes, my thoughts on JLS - congratulations that they got so far - they definitly have a fan base as they won 42% of the final votes - that is still a bit. But personally, I think Damage were a better group vocally.

    The Times is reporting that Cowell and co are going to market her like Rhihanna to keep her distinct from Leona Lewis. I even heard Alex on GMTV this morning saying that she'd love to duet with Leona - then people would see how different they are. I guess that's going to be the marketing mantra over the next couple of weeks to drum home the distinction.

  4. Hmmm, these comments are so interesting because the pitching and marketing of Alexandra is so crucial to her success and will make or break her. I am not sure what Cowell has planned; will he go down the mainstream route that he did with Leona or try something different? I am not sure about the uptempo Beyonce? In fact I am not sure about Alexandra being based on any other artist. She should be promoted as Alexandra Burke with her strengths in singing and dancing emphasised.

    As Just My Point of View said Alexandra has a dynamite personality and a lot of young people (white and Black) really like her. This differs from Leona who I feel appealled to a much older crowd.

  5. Yes, that's a point. I hope they bring something new with Alex, looking forward to it.



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