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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Get a room....or just away from me!

Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic: one of my ultimate pet peeves are public displays of affection. It's very strange as I do love romance, I believe in happy endings and I'm still waiting for Brad and Jennifer to lock eyes on the red carpet, come to their senses and passionately make out like there's no tomorrow. But in my every day life, walking down the street, on the underground, at a restaurant or at a club, I do not want to see OR HEAR a tounge wrestling match ok! "Turn away" I hear you say, "don't look then", but that doesn't get rid of that revolting, smacking, saliva-slurping sound I can hear behind me. The very thought of it right now is turning my face sour. And before you ask, no I am not miserable (well not all the time) and neither do I live alone in a one bedroom flat with only my black and white cat for company.

Recently, Simon Cowell was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and he actually kissed his fiancee, proving that he is a softie after all. Contrary to my usual reaction, I didn't go 'eeeww', it was more of an 'ah'. And that's because it was just a sweet little peck. So no, put your daggers away, I'm not completely closed off to men showing emotion and affection - hell yeah they should! To me it's very important in a relationship and doing it in public shows that you are proud of your partner and you don't care what others think because she or he is all that matters. But when you do a Tom Cruise, then come on, really?! Now you're just showing off.

So to all you 'show offs, can't keep my hands off my lover, don't have a room to relieve this tension in, hey look at me i'm not single any more, hey look at you - aren't you sad that you are single' people....get out of my face.....please. Thanks.

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