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Monday, 8 February 2010

2010: Officially the Year of The Jump-Off

I'm slightly disturbed that nowadays, being the leading lady in a man's life is no longer the spot that chicks aim for. Gone are the times when it was all about getting to that wifey position, being the Queen B and getting all the perks that come along with holding the top status. But why toil night and day trying to get that ring on your finger when you can get all the benefits a wifey does, plus a magazine deal, a new car for your birthday, your love-children taken care of and maybe even a cash settlement or two?!

I remember the days when being a jump-off, the side-piece, the groupie or simply put 'the other woman' wasn't exactly something to be proud of. You would try and keep that info on the downlow. Well not in 2010! How many females stake a claim to being L'il Wayne's babymother???? And they will all happily cheese together in a picture like they just had a sleepover and compared notes! Sorry, but any mention of 'multiple women' can't go by without Tiger getting a name drop. His mistresses felt no way to capitalize off of his 'indiscretions' (love that word!) and make their faces and antics known to the whole world. Kim Porter, Sarah Chapman, and Misa Hylton go at it to determine which of their children by Diddy is going to get the most expensive blinged-out birthday cake (eye roll) - when will this nonsense end, get a grip ladies! I remember Snoop Dogg's wife Shante in a documentary about Hip Hop Wives on E! taunting Snoop's groupies by singing "He's mine, you might have had him once but I got him all the time". Looks like these ladies are singing right back "He's yours but let's keep it real, your joint account is paying all of my bills!"

Does this trend translate to outside of the entertainment world? Are girls nowadays settling for side piece titles, friends with benefits, is it worth the hassle to strive for wifey status anymore?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Er...and Who Are You?

The award season is among us and I have been doing what I love best - watching the red carpet for those fabulous designer gowns. Actress Diane Kruger is a fashion LOVE - she always kills it and Ellie Saab joins the list of my fave designers. Apart from watching the fashion, it's a great time for people watching too - the 'a-ha, he's got different arm candy this year', the 'is she pregnant?', and the 'what the hell happened to her face?!' Just love it, it's the old nosey woman in me!

However, something has disturbed me this year, it's the 'Er....and who are you?'. Awards like the Globes, Oscars, Grammys are supposed to highlight the creme de la creme of music artists and actors in the entertainment biz. So why on earth did I see THOSE kids from Jersey Shore on the Grammy Red Carpet yesterday. For those who don't watch Jersey Shore, click here for a cringe-inducing clip.

Just goes to show the society we live in when anyone can become a 'celebrity' no matter how they get their 15 minutes. Rachel Uchitel, one of Tiger's many conquests was paid to host an event under the title of 'Celebrity Socialite'. For the UK readers, I bet you John Terry's mistress is gonna get herself a presenting gig on This Morning any day now. I think the A-Z list celebrity rating scale needs some more categories because that celeb title is getting treated like a whore - passed round to every Tom, Dick, Harry...Nicola T, Chico, Deelishes, Jedward -who's on your list?

Hey Oscars, I'm a blogger, more than 20 people know my name, my invite's in the post right?!

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