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Monday, 8 February 2010

2010: Officially the Year of The Jump-Off

I'm slightly disturbed that nowadays, being the leading lady in a man's life is no longer the spot that chicks aim for. Gone are the times when it was all about getting to that wifey position, being the Queen B and getting all the perks that come along with holding the top status. But why toil night and day trying to get that ring on your finger when you can get all the benefits a wifey does, plus a magazine deal, a new car for your birthday, your love-children taken care of and maybe even a cash settlement or two?!

I remember the days when being a jump-off, the side-piece, the groupie or simply put 'the other woman' wasn't exactly something to be proud of. You would try and keep that info on the downlow. Well not in 2010! How many females stake a claim to being L'il Wayne's babymother???? And they will all happily cheese together in a picture like they just had a sleepover and compared notes! Sorry, but any mention of 'multiple women' can't go by without Tiger getting a name drop. His mistresses felt no way to capitalize off of his 'indiscretions' (love that word!) and make their faces and antics known to the whole world. Kim Porter, Sarah Chapman, and Misa Hylton go at it to determine which of their children by Diddy is going to get the most expensive blinged-out birthday cake (eye roll) - when will this nonsense end, get a grip ladies! I remember Snoop Dogg's wife Shante in a documentary about Hip Hop Wives on E! taunting Snoop's groupies by singing "He's mine, you might have had him once but I got him all the time". Looks like these ladies are singing right back "He's yours but let's keep it real, your joint account is paying all of my bills!"

Does this trend translate to outside of the entertainment world? Are girls nowadays settling for side piece titles, friends with benefits, is it worth the hassle to strive for wifey status anymore?


  1. I agree, they're all idiots. Snoop's wife is no better ..your so called man has cheated on you countless times and just because he comes homes to you, you think it's something to shout about. Ok. Money talks loud and clear, cos that's the only reason why she's stayed with him.

  2. Couldn't AGREE with you more! But as much as I blame the men, women have to understand and appreciate their self worth and until that happens they will always feel jump off status is better than no status! Why a woman wants to compete with anothers womans man, and be proud of it, is beyond me. With your sister SERIOUS eye roll!!!

  3. @ VexintheCity i hear you, money makes people do stupid things. Minus the money do you think this still happens in 'normal' life? I've certainly heard stories of girls more than happy to be the little woman on the side.

    @Sack The Stylist: Preach! I respect myself waaaaay too much to be a jump-off knowingly and willingly! Is it down to theory/myth that there is a shortage of good men out there so that when you see one with good prospects, you need to have some of that regardless of how you get it?

  4. Its like 50 Cent sang "have a baby by me bay, be a millionairre" thats all those women are interested in - money, money money!

  5. i think you hit it on the head with what you said in your last comment:

    "there is a shortage of good men out there so that when you see one with good prospects, you need to have some of that regardless of how you get it"

    something i've noticed of late too, there are certain women out there, who've been through the countless men that let them down, so when one pops up, who they like but is already supposedly taken, they're willing to swallow their pride and live in the hop that one day they'll be wifey, when really they'll forever be the side-chick.

    never be the side-chick ladies.

    i've blogged on a womans worth, have a read

  6. love dis post!

    yer its easy 4 us 2 say its da money makin these gals do dis but as Shanti pointed out, i know many gals who wud willingly b jump-offs 2 ordinary 'wnt spend a penny on u' guys. i dnt fink its fair 4 us 2 point a finger @ dem & call dem stupid, coz at da end of da day, unfortunately most women dnt know their worth. & i'm sure we've all dun sutin stupid 4 a guy b4...right? even if it's not as extreme as bein their jump off

  7. Good blog, Side Chicks are lame and lonely. Driving your self to Tescos - how exciting.

    This has been going on for years. Before the side chick there was the mistress. I think some, maybe the majority of these women ,do it for the power. Power because they think they can get who they want. Some do it thinking they can win the man over. (Kinna like Alicia Keys) And some are in it for the moola.

    Is the Wifey status worth it?

    Half of current and future earnings if it doesn't work out - oh yeah and you get the kids, the house, a ring. For this all you have to do is cook some rice and put clothes in a washing machine. Good deal if you ask me.

  8. Mentally, the Side piece feels empowered. The Man has left his mains to check for a woman who is gonna satisfy his needs, without all the whoo haa. What's money to man who's got I coming in. Plus in real life (none celebrity) main chicks think they are holding the crown and sitting by their king, but if ur man is checking his coleslaw or corn on the cob. There's a real issue. Fact Beyonce was Jay'z's sidepiece and he upgraded her

  9. This has been going on before Bible days. Not new at all. Some mothers teach their daughters this. Some girls think its a medal and a big thing to say - I got your man and you cannot do anything about it. As if that is something to be proud of. When really the jump off no matter how much they say they are content, they are always thinking about how to keep him happy so one day they can get an upgrade to Wife. They must also concede that they are not wife material. not all concubines get an upgrade that is rare.

  10. @anonymous 1: money does play a role but there are some girls that act a fool for regular dudes so perhaps it goes deeper than that.

    @idontliketea - loved your blog post on women knowing their worth - everyone take a read!

    @anonymous 2 - i hear you and that upgrade that chicks wait on rarely ever comes as @SoFrolushes said...but there's always hope i guess.



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