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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

It's Music of BLACK ORIGIN people!!!!!

Yes, its that time again - Black History month - check. MOBO's - check!
Today I was reading the New Nation and saw a piece about Jay Sean saying that he doesn't believe he should be nominated for a MOBO award because he isn't black. In the last couple of months, in the lead up to the award ceremony, there has been much debate in the media regarding the nominees and even nominated artists stating their opinions about the non-black people in their categories: Estelle vs Duffy.

But hold on, is everyone missing the point here? I agree with Estelle; just because Adele is kinda heavy, has a deeper tone to her voice and doesn't sing rock or cheesy pop, the industry tend to wedge people like her into the 'soul' category...umm I can't imagine Aretha Franklin Chasing Pavements, can you - once she got on the ground I don't know if she'd be able to get up! HOWEVER, the award ceremony celebrates artists who deliver music from black origin, not those who actually ARE of black origin. Every year they seem to miss the point.

The article in the New Nation went on to report the view that at the Asian Music Awards, there are never any black people nominated. Hello! When was the last time you saw Wiley dance around to Bhangra or Skepta sing along to Bollywood Bangle Sweep??? Black people do not tend to make music of south Asian origin and even if they did, the people nominated would depend on the actual definition of the ceremony - for Asian artists, or for those who create Asian music? There is a difference. With the MOBOs, the definition is in the name for all to see... so can we please get over it???


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Walk Biatches!!

With the fashion weeks taking place, London, Milan, Paris, I was sooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see new Nubian model Jourdan Dunn in the papers almost every day. She's definitly doing her thing.

How many of you were impressed by Vogue Italia doing that much talked about 'black edition'? There has been much debate: gimmick vs making a real stance? Personally I believe that anything that placed the issue of the lack of colour in the fashion industry in the mainstream arena is a good thing. It got people talking about an issue that has been glossed over for years.

But has it really changed anything....

Take Milan Fashion week, Jourdan was the ONLY black model to walk Prada! I mean, this is an Italian label. Vogue is considered to be such an important publication, you would think that some of its great influence would filter down to these prestigious fashion houses. This colourless trend was also reflected in other shows - Gucci, Fendi, Versace and Missoni - 1 model in each of those and none in Giorgio Armani.

So did Vogue Italia just rip us all off?

This whole colour thing does get to me because it seems that even though this has been an issue for a while, its like pulling teeth to get some change up in here. Also aside from Alek Wek are there any REAL black high fashion models. I mean the kind with a 'black' nose instead of a European one, natural hair instead of long straight pony hair a la Naomi. By pushing to the forefront the most European looking black models are the fashion houses just ticking the box to say "there you go, there's your black girl, now leave me alone?"

Will there ever be genuine change? Or do we just have to accept that 'high fashion' requires a certain look, as does does commercial modelling or glamour modelling. Maybe women of colour fair better in specific areas of modelling only. You'll find a nice Asian model in the Next Catalogue. Play to your strengths and be a video girl is what some might say - oooh controversial. These thoughts are not my own, just putting it out there. (Nice recovery Shants). What I do think is that things will never change until the institutional barriers are broken. When the Pradas, Versaces, Guccis are making millions doing what they do, where is the incentive to break the cycle? Do you remember when the whole size zero debate happened and they banned models under a certain BMI index.....and then forgot all about it after press coverage died a little. It is all too easy to sweep these things under the carpet so I welcome campaigns such as Black But Invisible by Mahagony Model Management who are pushing to keep the issue in the limelight. But what we need are the journalists, the casting agents, even people in corporate positions who use models as spokespeople and endorsers - here is where people can make a difference to the fashion industry as a whole.

At the moment, there is the mentality that there can only be one at a time...Tyra Banks(God bless her soul - I love Tyra) talks about how back in the day she was labelled as "the one to challenge Naomi for the supermodel crown". They never pitted her up against Cindi Crawford or Linda Evangelista. It's still still happening in 2008, there are always pictures of Jourdan up against Chanel Iman, another Nubian newcomer, its crazy, but its the way it is for now until we show them that black is not only beautiful, but its profitable too.

"Walk like you're broke and the rent is due tomorrow"
Miss Jay, ANTM



Finally bit the bullet...


I finally bit the bullet...I have created my own blog...arrrggghhh what the hell do I do????

Having recently become an employee at one of the world's top public relations companies, us 'new grads' have had it drummed into us the importance of blogging, its effect on forming opinions and creating debate. So what do I blog about? What is my role as a new PR, on her way to becoming an influential figure in this weird and wonderful world?

Have. No. Clue.

I always thought blogging was a bit of an ego trip, for people who just like hearing their own voice; don't you just hate those types of people? What they can say in a sentence they drag it on for an hour. They go on and on and on...ok i'll stop.

Alright, I know what I'm going to write about...

I have a great interest in the entertainment industry, no I don't want to be the next Leona Lewis or Charlize Theron, more I'm interested in the power that it has to make money, create brands, form opinions and change people's lives. I mean how many twins, start acting at 2, start producing their own straight-to-DVD films before the age of 15, create a nation of followers other than the Olsens. As much as you might hate her, when was the last time Lyndsey Lohan was OUT of the news? On a more 'credible' note, who are the first ports of call when an issue, be it world debt, poverty, war, HIV/AIDS needs to be brought to the limelight - Gwyneth, Brad, Angelina, Jessica (Alba not Biel...and definitely not Simpson).

On another level, I love creativity. Whether it be an innovative designer which stops me from turning the page, a quirky, catchy beat that I can nod my head to, drama that keeps me on the edge of my seat, the creative industry brings me so much pleasure and entertainment. Its not all about the gossip, feuds and who's dating who.

So that's enough of me justifying why I'm going to blog about this industry - I apologise if this is a bit rough and not exactly the entertainment that I speak so highly of, it might take a while for me to get into a groove.

Oh yes, Fantasy Ride, the title. Well apart from all the emotions the entertainment world can take us all on, the ups and downs, (you see what I did there) I guess there are a few out there who want to actually become part of this vicious, 'chew em up and spit em out' wonderful bubble. But how much of it is reality, how much of it is right, how much of it is fair, is it an illusion, will the bubble eventually burst? Is it all just a big fantasy?

That was a bit dramatic wasn't it....sorry.

Blog soon!


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