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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Finally bit the bullet...


I finally bit the bullet...I have created my own blog...arrrggghhh what the hell do I do????

Having recently become an employee at one of the world's top public relations companies, us 'new grads' have had it drummed into us the importance of blogging, its effect on forming opinions and creating debate. So what do I blog about? What is my role as a new PR, on her way to becoming an influential figure in this weird and wonderful world?

Have. No. Clue.

I always thought blogging was a bit of an ego trip, for people who just like hearing their own voice; don't you just hate those types of people? What they can say in a sentence they drag it on for an hour. They go on and on and on...ok i'll stop.

Alright, I know what I'm going to write about...

I have a great interest in the entertainment industry, no I don't want to be the next Leona Lewis or Charlize Theron, more I'm interested in the power that it has to make money, create brands, form opinions and change people's lives. I mean how many twins, start acting at 2, start producing their own straight-to-DVD films before the age of 15, create a nation of followers other than the Olsens. As much as you might hate her, when was the last time Lyndsey Lohan was OUT of the news? On a more 'credible' note, who are the first ports of call when an issue, be it world debt, poverty, war, HIV/AIDS needs to be brought to the limelight - Gwyneth, Brad, Angelina, Jessica (Alba not Biel...and definitely not Simpson).

On another level, I love creativity. Whether it be an innovative designer which stops me from turning the page, a quirky, catchy beat that I can nod my head to, drama that keeps me on the edge of my seat, the creative industry brings me so much pleasure and entertainment. Its not all about the gossip, feuds and who's dating who.

So that's enough of me justifying why I'm going to blog about this industry - I apologise if this is a bit rough and not exactly the entertainment that I speak so highly of, it might take a while for me to get into a groove.

Oh yes, Fantasy Ride, the title. Well apart from all the emotions the entertainment world can take us all on, the ups and downs, (you see what I did there) I guess there are a few out there who want to actually become part of this vicious, 'chew em up and spit em out' wonderful bubble. But how much of it is reality, how much of it is right, how much of it is fair, is it an illusion, will the bubble eventually burst? Is it all just a big fantasy?

That was a bit dramatic wasn't it....sorry.

Blog soon!


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