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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

It's Music of BLACK ORIGIN people!!!!!

Yes, its that time again - Black History month - check. MOBO's - check!
Today I was reading the New Nation and saw a piece about Jay Sean saying that he doesn't believe he should be nominated for a MOBO award because he isn't black. In the last couple of months, in the lead up to the award ceremony, there has been much debate in the media regarding the nominees and even nominated artists stating their opinions about the non-black people in their categories: Estelle vs Duffy.

But hold on, is everyone missing the point here? I agree with Estelle; just because Adele is kinda heavy, has a deeper tone to her voice and doesn't sing rock or cheesy pop, the industry tend to wedge people like her into the 'soul' category...umm I can't imagine Aretha Franklin Chasing Pavements, can you - once she got on the ground I don't know if she'd be able to get up! HOWEVER, the award ceremony celebrates artists who deliver music from black origin, not those who actually ARE of black origin. Every year they seem to miss the point.

The article in the New Nation went on to report the view that at the Asian Music Awards, there are never any black people nominated. Hello! When was the last time you saw Wiley dance around to Bhangra or Skepta sing along to Bollywood Bangle Sweep??? Black people do not tend to make music of south Asian origin and even if they did, the people nominated would depend on the actual definition of the ceremony - for Asian artists, or for those who create Asian music? There is a difference. With the MOBOs, the definition is in the name for all to see... so can we please get over it???



  1. lol good post. I must say if we really wanted to have music of black origin awards(historically), we will end up having another Grammy. Alot of the music today and I mean like 90%, has black influence. From Rock and Roll to POP. But as far as soul, I have to say that is one genre that 90% of the public does not seem to be able to define and I am one of

  2. Im totally with you Mas, music is such a vibrant, free form of expression, people are always going to find it almost impossible to cut it up and put it into boxes. But I understand what the MOBOs are tryng to do so they have my support...for now.



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