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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Noel Clarke, the Rising Star

Hey, a quick one here.

Just to let you know if you haven't already heard, Noel Clarke of Kid/Adulthood fame (also Doctor Who and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) has been nominated for the Orange BAFTA Rising Star Award.

Tagged as Britain's answer to Spike Lee he has definitely made a name for himself as a talent to watch. If you think he should win the award then click the link below to show your support.

What do you think about the film talent in the post: the black film industry!




  1. I'm pleased that he's been recognised. Good to be nominated and didn’t know Adulthood was one of the largest grossing Brit films of this year. I think it was one of the best I’ve seen this year - but then i haven't seen much.

    Talented guy, he's a triple threat - acting, writing and directing. British Spike Lee is big billing but he has started well.

  2. I think he deserves the recognition. He is a great talent... you could call him a 'jack of all trades'. I remember watching the scene in Adulthood where his character 'Sam' jumps out of a toilet window, head first and leaves the police for dust. Very inspiring.

  3. Film talent in the UK is definitely rising. If we're talking about UK overall then we have alot to be proud of expecially in the drama and "gangster" department. I think things can only get better as long we're getting the exposure and those who do make it big still come back to do UK Films (e.g. Daniel Craig and Idris Elba). Hopefully we can spread out to different genres and diversify the type of characters in our films.

    Im voting for Noel but that category is tough man because Tobi was brilliant in Rock'n'Rolla and Michael is hilarious.

    Mr Lewiboro is a clown! lol

  4. I just voted for him so fingers crossed. I hope he gets it, he is so talented what with acting and directing - he is a real star.

  5. i guess this blog is influential because he won!

  6. @ Anonymous - yay! Just doing my bit for the UK entertainment industry...and his Facebook group with 500+ fans might have helped a little too!



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