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Saturday, 14 February 2009

...And they lived Happily Ever After....

Hey People
Well, by now I guess you have all heard the news about Chrianna..I'm not going to go into it, you can read about it at the one thousand, nine hundred and eighty-seven other blogs who are already going crazy over the alleged antics.

Relationships in the public eye - that's where my mind is at. It's a major part of celeb culture and can be both positive and negative to the parties involved. 'Brand Beckham' for example, Victoria's ribs need David and David's balls need Vicki to maintain their status and riches. 'Are they, aren't they dating' stories sell films when on a normal basis they might have gone straight to DVD. If we're honest, it's what us old romantics like to see (If you're not an old romantic, you'll probably disagree with me from this point forth). We watch these actors on screen fall in love and suddenly they're public property and thanks to the beloved paparazzi aka 'rats on scooters' we get to see them 'fall in love' off screen too.

Here is where the confusion lies - because we see them act out their happy ending at the end of a film, its easy to believe that their lives are a typical chick-flick too. Speaking for myself, I was absolutely DEVASTATED about the whole Jennifer, Brad and Angelina episode. It was like he cheated on ME - I had put faith into them as a Hollywood couple that would last. I thought 'aw, that's so lovely, he's settled down and Rachel from friends has finally gotten over Ross!'

It's easy to forget that people in the public eye are exactly that: PEOPLE. They go through the same mess as the rest of us except that everyone knows their business - Facebook Stalking multiplied by 1000. This is no way in defence of Chris Breezy but I guess the whole incident serves as a reminder that the happy pics that we see in blogs or the column inches we pore over in the magazines are just stories...sometimes minus the knight in shining armour and happily ever after.


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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself but damn did he have to bite her? lol



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