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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Don't Sleep

Not too long ago I wrote a post about the ‘wannabe legend’ that is Beyonce. My irk with her was that she was never out of my face. Some people said “don’t look then” while others agreed that she should let the acting go, take a seat and have some babies - just for a little bit then hopefully she would come back with some great material to knock my socks off. However, the recent and now boring ‘Chrianna’ events have made me realise how fleeting a career in entertainment can be. Yes I know, kind of obvious, but now I realise why B is constantly on it.

How easy is it going to be for Rihanna to get back to her position? Yes, I hear she's partying and back on her grind but considering reuniting with CB back has led to some people no longer seeing her as Queen of the fierce, independent, strong female. Can she regain that postion and overcome all the drama? No point in mentioning CB's career, I think they scattered its ashes last week Friday. (Personally...I don't think it's over - he just needs to rethink his direction).

More interestingly, Shauntelle, pop/RnB singer of the hit 'T-Shirt', also originating from Barbados is slyly using this as an opportunity to get her foot in the door. Keri Hilson is getting a bit more air time with her solo stuff as well as publicity rewarding collabos with Kanye and Lil' Wayne. Even Ciara has finally got a release date for her new album. Whether the sudden push is a coincidence or a well devised plan by music execs, it is definitely perfect timing. So wake up, don’t sleep Rihanna, because I think someone is trying to steal your spot.

This common symptom is not limited to music artists- film stars and much loved TV programmes can get drowsy too. Eastenders took some "Good Nytol" in 2007 when it lost out to Coronation Street for best soap at the Royal Television Society Awards - they haven't let that happen again. Pro Plus is your friend Eastenders!!! (Just hurry up Danielle, tell Ronnie already - gosh!). I think Neighbours is officially in a coma and rapper Nelly has taken a vacay and let FloRida jack his swagga - that vacation may become permanent homie, wake up!

Can you think of any other music artists, television shows, actors who fell asleep on the job and lost it?



  1. Really good blog!

    I can only think of R Kelly at the moment, he literally pissed his career away!

  2. lol @ above comment.
    For real, no wonder Beyonce is on this TING! lol
    Ashanti anybody..?

  3. ...Alfonso Ribiero

    ...My Wife and Kids,

    ...Ja Rule, Jahiem, Jon B, Monica, Amerie, Truth Hurts, Teirra Marie, Bubba Sparxx

    Tell Me When To Stop

  4. Forgot all about Bubba...
    For me, Heroes has fallen asleep and The Wire is about to take its spot in my TV schedule - yes I know I'm late but they are showing the entire series every night on BBC 2 soon so I am on it.

  5. I went on vacay and you took my spot. I want it back... please

  6. Ha ha, you shouldn't have fallen asleep then...dozing all the way to Cancun and back!



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