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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Little White Lies...

I wanted to see 'The Invention of Lying' last week...but I was a pushover and saw District 9 instead! Anywho, 'The Invention of Lying' sees Ricky Gervais' character living in a world where no-one lies, not even little white ones. Then luckily for him, he discovers that he has the ability to bend the truth and the world becomes his oyster.

Just watching the trailer I thought not only would it be hilarious if everyone told the absolute truth but also how refreshing it might actually be. We have become a nation of 'white liars' - sometimes to get ourselves out of trouble e.g. "Nah it's not that I forgot to call you, it's just that I fell asleep. That's different". Or sometimes to spare someone's feelings e.g. "Yes of course he likes you Sherice, he probably just fell asleep, it's not like he forgot to call you. That's different".

I have a friend that, how can I say it, doesn't really mince his words and I used get on him about that...but what's really wrong with telling people how it is. My issue is when people lack tact. Yes, you can tell someone that their breath stinks so they should back up, but there is a way that you do that in order to minimise the stab of pain to the heart they will feel as a result.

How great would it be though: people wouldn't play mind games in relationships, you could tell your boss he's a twat and he'd probably agree with you and you could finally tell your best friend that her weave is seriously not working for her. All without sugar coating - it would save us all a lot of time and brainpower. One thing for sure is that we'd all need to develop thicker skins!

Say what you feel or add a coating of sugar or two? What type are you?


  1. I say, say what you feel! there's nothing worse than being dishonest, especially with your friends. If you cant tell them the truth then who on earth will?

  2. @Anon - I guess it does depend on the relationship that you have with the person but what about people you are not so familiar with - should you still 'keep it real'

    @Lewiboro - thanks for the ratings!

  3. Depends on the person! Some people would say they are doing it for your good, but really are doing it to make themselves feel better! But then if someone didnt ask for your opinion why give it if its a negative one! Moral of the story I think very much depends on the individual! xx



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