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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Having Fun vs Sin...Round One...FIGHT!

Yesterday (Friday 22), Steven Baldwin and sweetheart Sisqo were evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House - now is the time to stop watching, the house is going to be dead! Watching Stephen's exit interview with Davina, I was slightly annoyed. Yes, Stephen was preachy in the house but kudos to him for representing and standing up for his faith. But I got the impression that Davina was trying to trip him up with comments implying that Stephen was going against what he preached by partaking in 'naughty' activities like smoking a cigarette and playing along with the pranks going on in the house. Hello!! Being a believer in God and the words in the Bible does not mean that you are exempt from all social and fun activities. All things in moderation and treat your body as a temple so perhaps smoking was not a good idea but Stephen already stated that he was not a smoker, hence using the quote about 'moderation' when explaining himself to Vinnie. Also, from my own understanding, God wants his followers to have fun, enjoy His creations and laugh and smile as long as it does not compromise their faith. Should Stephen just have sat in the corner reading the Bible refusing to laugh at jokes and take part in the social activities? It annoys me that Christians are often portrayed as aliens who cannot do anything fun and if they do, they are classified as hypocrites...nonsense in my opinion. What's yours?


  1. I absolutely agree with you. I'm a strong believer in God, and I can't see any problem with enjoying yourself if it doesn't harm anybody else (or yourself). Obviously, some things are not good, but trying to fanatically censure and judge everything isn't about God, it's just the individual being a megalomaniac. So keep smiling, I say.
    Nice article :-)

  2. Thanks for your response...I'm gonna keep smiling!



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