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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fashion's Inspiration

I know, I know, it's a bit late for a Sex and the City inspired post but this has got a little bit of a twist to it. So reading the reviews, Twitter and numerous blog posts and comments, I guess it is safe to say that quite a few people were not too keen on the scene where the Muslim women took off their burkas to reveal pieces from this years Fall collection!! While the intended message was probably along the lines of "fashion is global and touches women worldwide", it could be seen as condescending - "look at us Muslim women, we're just like you westerners underneath our burkas, we look up to you, you inspire us, yay Louis Vuitton!" However, that's not exactly the real story now is it. If you remember The Devil Wears Prada and Miranda Priestly's fantastic monologue when Andy commented on the two belts looking exactly the same: it's not blue, it's cerulean, fashion isn't just 'stuff', it inspires but most importantly of all, it is inspired. My point here is that London, New York, Paris and the designs on fashion catwalks worldwide take inspiration from the rest of the world. Case in point; Marc by Marc Jacobs' 'tribal' inspired jumpsuit:

Now all you Africans raise your hands if you remember your mother wearing a 'tribal' wrapper around the house, baby on her back optional (Michelle raises hand). Oh and who could forget, in 2007 the infamous 'Ghana Must Go' bags made their way onto the catwalk at a Louis Vuitton show.
So yes, fashion inspiration comes from all over the world but if countries in places like Africa and Asia can breed so much inspiration, why aren't their fashion industries internationally known and recognised? Lack of networks, resources, a number of reasons, some obvious, some implicit, some too deep and political to go into here but there are many people and organisations working to change the tide and invest in its development.

One of them is Nigerian UK based stylist and fashonista Arieta Mujay who is launching Fashion Camp, a week of fashion seminars for fashion savvy teenagers teenagers aged 13-18. The first of its kind in Lagos, Nigeria, FC aims to help teenagers with an interest in fashion learn and understand the ins and the outs of the industry. With the help of Biki John, another UK based Nigerian stylist and fashion writer, the week long fashion seminars will include classes on photography, styling, the art of design, fashion PR, blogging as well as visuals and graphics. Through this, FC hopes to paint a precise picture that shows how both African and contemporary fashion have evolved and what lies ahead for the future. In collaboration with Deola Sagoe, FC hopes to be the first of its kind and the beginning of a partnership that will benefit the next creative generation in Nigeria.

Fashion Camp is due to take place 2nd - 8th of August. For more information, you can contact

Sounds like a great initiative, Good Luck!


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  1. ok- so I saw 'Sex and the City' in your post but shyed away from reading it- I'm still yet to see it and dont wana know the storyline yet!

    I came just to say I've missed ur blog presence,come back at once! ; )



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